The Grundy Educational Trust

(A Registered Charity - No. 1002803)


The Grundy Educational Trust ("GET") was established in 1991 to advance education by providing or assisting in the provision of post-graduate awards and/or loans to students for research and higher learning at institutions in the United Kingdom.

It's investments amount to approximately £500,000 and some £30,000 is available each year for awards, the maximum individual amount of which is currently set at around £4,500 per annum.

The Trustees currently limit awards to men and women;

  • who are citizens or residents of the United Kingdom;
  • who are intending to pursue courses leading to careers in technologically or scientifically based disciplines in industry, commerce or the professions;
  • who have been accepted or provisionally accepted for post-graduate degrees at any of the following five universities, irrespective of where they obtained their first degrees: Imperial College, Manchester, Nottingham, Southampton & Surrey; and
  • who are in need of financial assistance to fund their maintenance costs.

The selection procedure for making awards is as follows:-

  • Applications are reviewed by the five universities who send the applications from their recommended candidates to the Trustees for consideration.
  • A selected number of candidates are called for interview in June (reasonable travel expenses paid) and
  • after obtaining satisfactory references, annual awards of between £1,500 and £4,500 are then made to approximately 10 successful candidates payable in three equal termly instalments.
  • Please note that for students wishing to pursue a course of longer than one academic year, the Trust will typically support those students for the duration of the course, subject to satisfactory annual academic reports from tutors and consideration of annual estimates of required financial assistance from students.

During its 20 years of operation, over 140 different candidates have received awards from this Trust, leading to:

  • Medical degrees as second degrees;
  • Masters degrees in such disciplines as Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Design, Audiology, Industrial Mathematics Modelling, Water & Waste Engineering, Genetic Counselling, Operational Research, Meteorology & Climatology, Toxicology, Renewable Energy Systems Technology, World Space Economy, Computation, Construction Management, Sound & Vibration Studies, Advanced Chemical Process Design, Quantum Fields & Fundamental Forces; and
  • Doctorates in Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Banking, Psychology, Geophysics, Car Aerodynamics, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Medical Physics, Molecular Biology and Speech Synthesis for Language Learning, Membrane Technology and General Structural Engineering.

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